Oso Grande General Manager Announces Retirement,
Leaves Albuquerque-Based Firm Poised for Continued Growth

Summary: After years of building a leading New Mexico data center, Richard Vasquez is credited with readying Oso for future success in the fast-changing tech industry.

November 15, 2021:
Albuquerque, NM; Charlotte, NC – Richard Vasquez, General Manager of the Albuquerque-based Oso Grande Technologies, Inc., has announced his retirement, effective December 1, 2021. Vasquez came to Oso in the spring of 2016 as Director of Sales and Business Development. By that time, he was already a veteran in the tech field, and brought a wealth of experience with him to his new role. Three years later Vasquez assumed the position of General Manager for Oso, a position that drew on both his personal and professional strengths and now leaves Oso stronger than ever.

“It has been my privilege to serve for so many years in the region I care so much about,” says Vasquez. “I’ve also enjoyed the full support of the Oso Board. This relationship has allowed us to ensure Oso has the structure and resources necessary to thrive going forward.”

A graduate of the University of New Mexico, Vasquez began his career as a network engineer and later IT Manager for the State of New Mexico. For over 15 years, he worked with various state government agencies. Eventually, Vasquez joined the private sector and turned his focus to sales and business development. For the next 18 years, he served the Albuquerque region in this capacity–first at Network Architects, later in a dual role at ANM and Oso, eventually landing fulltime at OSO. As technology needs changed, Vasquez earned a reputation for helping customers keep up with an industry in flux.

“As a result of Vasquez leadership, Oso is positioned for marked growth in the coming years,” comments Oso Board Chair Dennis Jontz. “Together, the Board and Vasquez have been successful at building an exceptional team and taking the steps necessary to achieve our strategic vision.”

As General Manager at Oso Grande, Vasquez oversaw the day-to-day operations, including management of staff, sales, and financial resources, as well as upkeep of the data center infrastructure. His in-depth understanding of the IT field and service-minded approach enabled him to ready Oso for ongoing growth. Recently, Vasquez and the Oso Board agreed on several initiatives designed to serve the company for the long term. Among them, a US marketing firm was hired to raise company visibility and explore opportunities within the film and media industry.

“Richard came to us with a truly remarkable range of experience in both the public and private sectors,” remarks ANM CEO and Oso Board member Raminder Mann. “His impressive work ethic reflects his personal mission to serve others. This is his powerful legacy.”

In his retirement, Vasquez says he intends to stay abreast of tech trends and will utilize his experience as a consultant to public and private entities.

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New Mexico Technology Provider Oso Grande
Declares Its Growth Stance with New Hire

Summary: High profile tech visionary Erik Zimmer named to key role as Director of Sales and Business Development for the fast-growing data center based in Albuquerque.

October 26, 2021:
Albuquerque, NM; Charlotte, NC – This week Oso Grande Technologies, Inc., a leading New Mexico data center technology provider, announced that Erik Zimmer will join the firm as Director of Sales and Business Development. Zimmer moves into his position on October 25, 2021.

While Zimmer is stepping away from an 8-year tenure as City Manager for the City of Alpine, Texas, he lived and worked in New Mexico for many years and is familiar with the state’s fast-growing technology landscape. Zimmer served as Regional Sales Director of Unite Private Networks of Albuquerque, as well as Director of Network Operations with Qwest Communications International, Inc. for the Albuquerque-Sant Fe Metropolitan Area. Zimmer lived in Albuquerque growing up and went on to earn his BA in International Marketing from the University of South Alabama. Each of his three children have attended the University of New Mexico.

For more than two decades, Zimmer has devoted himself to growing and refining sales and operations for Fortune 500 corporations, fast-growing regional businesses, government units, and not-for-profit organizations. In his role as City Manager, in addition to numerous prominent business entities, Zimmer is credited with accomplishing impressive turnarounds by providing clear vision together with stellar financial and operational leadership. His experience translates perfectly to his new role at Oso Grande, where he’ll continue the trailblazing work of Richard Vasquez, OSO General Manager.

“This is a field characterized by constant change and tremendous growth potential,” comments Vasquez, who began his career at OSO in sales and marketing. “It was imperative that we select a visionary with a solid history of identifying and incorporating new opportunities that translate to improved and expanded service offerings.” Vasquez says he is confident that Zimmer is that leader.

A hands-on problem solver, Zimmer is well known for helping businesses arrive at their next level of efficiency and productivity. “I see an excellent fit for my expertise and my personal values at OSO,” says Zimmer. “It’s a business with enormous potential and an enormous heart for the people of this region, and that’s exactly where I want to be.”

Erik Zimmer and wife Dee Dee enjoy life in the Desert Southwest and activities including golfing and hiking.

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Toggle, a publication produced by Trueline Publications has released a new story on New Mexico’s best Data Center Oso Grande

Toggle is a quarterly business-to-business trade journal highlighting the vital role that technology plays in a variety of companies and organizations — making a strong case for the centrality of technology professionals in the day-to-day operations of their institutions.

OSO Grande
After internet, now it focuses on customizing data technology

To understand what makes OSO Grande different from other data center technology providers, think about going to a restaurant.

“When you go to some of our competitors, you get a menu and you choose from that menu,” says Richard Vasquez, director of sales and business development. “So, for example, they may only provide a full rack for you to put your data servers in even if you really only need a third of a rack or a half-rack.” In providing secure colocation, disaster recovery and power and mechanical system recovery, as well as business continuity services, Oso Grande does just the opposite.

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