The year 2002 saw OSO Grande’s inception as a spin-off from the 1984-founded New Mexico TechNet that offered self-supporting and commercially viable ISP services. Within the next few years, OSO Grande started a data center business that is a ‘fiber crossroad’ for some customers and is available to all who want diverse fiber access and reliable infrastructure in the downtown Albuquerque data center. The data center allows customers to connect from one part of town to another through the OSO Grande Clear Fiber Ring that runs throughout the downtown Albuquerque area. OSO Grande offers the moving filming industry with up to ten gigabit internet connectivity. Apart from primarily offering lit fiber, the company also provides users with dark fiber, allowing them to move traffic from one part of town to another. Users can light it themselves and use OSO Grande’s data center to access a specific communications company.

OSO Grande also offers managed services in technical and engineering operational needs– including rewiring cables, logging into equipment, providing permission-approved updates, and powering down or setting up new client servers. Furthermore, OSO Grande ensures a consistent flow of electricity and temperature control, enabling nonstop service. For example, one of OSO Grande’s largest customers, Hughes Satellite, a global wireless ISP, has successfully kept their operations up and running even during external disruptions from power cuts caused by downtown construction, crediting OSO Grande’s uninterrupted services. “The company has been named OSO Grande because we mirror a big bear’s aggressive protectiveness in securing people’s data at our premier data services center,” says Dennis Jontz, chairman/CEO of OSO Grande.

What sets OSO Grande apart in the market is its flexibility and client centricity. Unlike other market players that offer a menu of services, the company is well-equipped and technology-enabled enough to provide tailored services to clients wherever, whenever, and as often as clients’ want.

On the colocation front, OSO Grande enables customers to protect their mission-critical infrastructure from disasters by moving part or all of their servers to a proper environment. Customers can realize significant savings with OSO Grande’s plug-and-play colocation services and extend the service life of their servers. What is more impressive is that the company provides multiple routes to data centers through fibers that run all through downtown Albuquerque’s sewer system and into the major buildings in the area, including Compass Bank Building, Bank of America Centre, PNM Building, and more. Also, being carrier-agnostic, the company provides access to its data center to clients who require further redundancy to a location in addition to other established routes, allowing them to reduce cross-connect charges and communication costs. “We also have thousands of square feet of office rental space available for customers who want their workplace positioned near the server space,” adds Jontz.

A customer success story best demonstrates OSO Grande’s value proposition. When a leading broadband services provider needed alternate routes to a data center, they found the company ticking all boxes. OSO Grande came in and provided them with two distinct alternate routes to their data center and centralized the entire connectivity to a hub at a reasonable expense. Another niche served by OSO Grande is the New Mexico film industry. The region is widely popular for its plethora of motion pictures and television shows that need uninterrupted connectivity to transmit edited films to Hollywood every night. The company provides a 10-gigabit connection for movie companies to transmit movies securely and quickly to Hollywood.

Powered by such partnerships, OSO Grande is aggressively moving towards achieving its immediate roadmap of offering data center space and services to a broad array of customers needing connectivity and a reliable place to keep their data. The company has 60,000 square feet building sectioned into well-equipped data centers and is currently offering a ready-to-use 4,000 square foot area for customers alongside on-demand equipment fulfillment. “We aim to become the go-to partner for ISPs and end users, and we are always working towards this goal by adding the latest competencies into our portfolio of services and to make the best better,” concludes Jontz.






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Mike Smith – Brooklyn, NY

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