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Why You Need A Disaster Recovery Site

Data is one of your most valuable and vulnerable assets. Colocating part or all of your infrastructure can protect and ensure continuity for your business. By guaranteeing you non-stop access to your hardware, software, and data, we can help you resume critical business operations after a disaster. We can also help you cope with unexpected loss of office space for key personnel, an important yet often overlooked element when dealing with a crisis.

Natural Disasters

Weather is becoming more severe and unpredictable,

Natural Disasters

From ice storms and tornadoes to unending heat waves and quakes, natural disasters cause outages. Having a disaster recovery site in a safe location can keep your business online!

Hardware Failure

Failed equipment is a fact of life and can directly cause outages and data loss.

Redundancy & Backups

By having a redundant, disaster recovery datacenter, you can easily failover or recover your data.

Viruses & Ransomware

No one is immune, and these issues can destroy all of your data quickly.

Viruses & Ransomware

Having a disconnected, (close to) real-time copy of your data at a DR site has saved numerous companies – don’t be a victim!

Human Error

Individuals can make costly mistakes, causing downtime and data loss.

Human Error

Seamlessly handle costly human error by having a copy of all of your data live and ready to go at a redundant facility.

Software Corruption

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Software Corruption

Avoid costly long-term business damage by ensuring you have a copy safely stored at a disaster recovery site.

The #1 way to avoid a business-ending disaster is to have a (near) real-time copy of your applications and data at a Disaster Recovery Site.

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Just far enough, just close enough – perfect for your disaster recovery site!

Just Perfect!

Oso Grande’s data centers are geographically located right in the middle of three Tier-1 metros, with very fast flight and drive times – but is still far enough away to ensure geographical separation. Our center-of-it-all location ensures that your data is always close at hand and easily accessed in the case of a true emergency.

Physical proximity also reduces ping times or RTT, dramatically increasing application responsiveness and improving throughput when synchronizing data, allowing you the option to operate a real-time hot site or to move large volumes of data quickly.

Just far enough, just close enough – perfect for your disaster recovery site!


Albuquerque has no geographical or natural disaster risks.

When selecting a data center, geographic location is one of the first and most important items to consider. If the data center is located in a geographic threat zone, this poses a considerable threat to uptime.

Albuquerque, New Mexico is virtually untouched by natural disaster and therefore an ideal location for your colocation needs. Albuquerque provides a stable location where your data is not threatened by tornado, earthquake, hurricane, flooding, extreme heat, ice storms, or large population political risk. Further, Albuquerque boasts some of the least expensive power rates in the country, which allows Oso Grande to offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.


By colocating your disaster recovery site at Oso Grande you can realize dramatic savings while reducing overhead and administrative burden.

  • Significant savings by not building or operating your own facility.
  • Pay only for the reduced footprint and services that you need.
  • Extend the life of your servers by locating them in the proper environment.
  • Easy physical and high-speed access from major metros
  • Bandwidth cost savings with pay-as-you-go services

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