High Quality, High Value connectivity for our Data Center Customers

Blazing Fast. Multi-Homed. Redundant. Internet.

Our premium blended bandwidth is the difference between 100% up-time and disruptive outages. We blend top IP carriers together to provide you with a stable, redundant, and extremely fast service that is 10Gbps ready. Our IPv6 enabled, multi-provider bandwidth gives your business the flexibility to withstand carrier outages by automatically adapting to changes in the Internet. This premium network connectivity seamlessly integrates with all of our services, and is a key feature of our colocation, fiber and cloud services.

An SLA We Live By

We guarantee our network will be up and running 100% of the time or your money back. Check out our 10X Network Service Level Agreement.

Faster Than Ever

Get up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth connectivity delivered directly to your cabinet — IPv4 and IPv6 native end-to-end! We also offer redundant physical drops as well as Layer3/FHRP redundancy options.


Need more bandwidth occasionally but don’t want to pay a premium for it? Our burstable bandwidth option allows you to commit to less bandwidth without restricting your ability to serve up content — and scale up to better rates at any time!

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100% Reliable

  • Multiple Tier 1 backbone providers
  • Redundant uplinks to transits
  • Multiple building fiber exits
  • Multiple cardinal-direction city exits
  • Best Practice OSPF+iBGP+eBGP design
  • Best Practice switchblock architecture
  • Private local DNS resolvers
  • Geographically redundant DNS
  • Redundant internal uplinks
  • Integrated DDoS detection & blackholing service
  • Persistent 24/7/365 monitoring and oversight
  • Redundant service available on customer handoff

100% Fast

  • All transits are Top-10 Providers
  • Multi-gigabit uplinks to providers
  • 10Gbps+ uplinks to exchanges and direct peers
  • Real-time Netflow monitoring & automated adjustments
  • Hardware-based switching for lowest latency
  • Non-oversubscribed, and never maxed out!
  • Available GigE & 10gbps handoffs for customers

100% Value

  • We buy bulk and pass the savings on to our customers
  • Aggressive pricing on all commit-levels
  • Capped & 95th% / Burstable bandwidth options
  • Pay-as-you-grow options
  • Free cabinet-to-cabinet cross connects
Cogent Communications

Cogent Communications is the 3rd most-peered Network in the world, with more nearly 38,000 peers globally, and is well known for being its focus on IP Transit services. Cogent recently acquired the legacy Spring network and has expanded its footprint even more!

Hurricane Electric, the 6th most connected global Tier 1 provider, is well known for its incredible IPv6 connectivity and vast transit services. HE continues to grow dramatically, and aggressively supports public and private peering globally.

As Albuquerque’s hometown Internet eXchange, ABQIX provides local peering and connectivity to dozens of Internet Service Providers and businesses of all sizes. Oso Grande is proud to host ABQIX in its ABQ01-DF01 facility, and actively participates as a member.