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Oso Grande has deep roots in the New Mexico technology industry.

How Oso Grande Came To Be

The year is 1979, and New Mexico has a booming hard sciences industry with its internationally known Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories. The State decided it needed an entity to foster technology growth, and New Mexico TechNet was born, created by former Governor Campbell and Senator Domenici to develop communications and provide access to public information in New Mexico. In the mid-1980s, TechNet was managing the State’s fiber optic network and internetworking with DARPA before the word “Internet” was widely known.

TechNet was successful at connecting governments, defense contractors, hospitals, and numerous other organizations. TechNet eventually outgrew its original mission and in 1993 “TechNet For Profit” was created to handle its commercial services. TFP continued on, and in 2000, saw the need for datacenter services, and began utilizing its existing facilities to meet that need – Oso Grande was born, and a name change in 2001 formalized it.

Today, Oso Grande Technologies successfully continues forward on New Mexico and TechNet’s original mission, bringing high value, accessible technology services to the Southwest region.

Oso Grande Team

Oso Grande is fortunate to have an incredible Board of Directors, each of whom brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company. To learn more about each of our board members, please click below.

Dennis Jontz


Raminder Mann

Board Member

Dale Dekker

Board Member

Steve Mager

Board Member

Ralph Trigg

Board Member

Shirley Scott

Board Member

Cliff Blaugrund

Board Member

Randal Kohutek


Nick Galarza

Director of Sales & Business Development

Kirk Gourley

General Manager

David Griego

Data Center Administrator

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