Safe Data with OSO Grande Disaster Recovery

Colocate Your Mission-Critical Infrastructure

Data is one of your most valuable and vulnerable assets. Colocating part or all of your infrastructure can protect and ensure continuity for your business. By giving you access to your hardware, software, and data, we can help you resume critical business operations after a disaster. We can also help you cope with unexpected loss of office space for key personnel, an important yet often overlooked element when the primary focus is data protection.

Primary Threats to Data and Systems

  • Hardware malfunction
  • Human error
  • Software corruption
  • Tape malfunction
  • Virus
  • Natural disaster

Strategies for Data Recovery

  • A warm or hot site for minimal recovery time from disaster
  • A designated operational location if primary facility is unusable

Benefits of an Outsourced Colocation Facility with Hot Site Functionality

  • Significant savings by not building or operating your own facility
  • Pay only for the services you use
  • Extend the life of your servers by locating them in the proper environment
  • Servers can be remotely managed
  • Bandwidth cost savings

Don’t Forget These Advantages of OSO-Secure

  • Local technical support available
  • Built-in monitoring and security 24/7
  • Ability to temporarily relocate key personnel on a moment’s notice