Advantages of OSO Grande

Carrier Neutrality

Clients who use our OSO-Secure Data Center can use any telecommunications carrier they choose; we are carrier agnostic and neutral. Our Internet backbone is multicarrier, fully load balanced with automatic failover to ensure 100% uptime.


Access to OSO-Secure is controlled by a multitiered security process including card key, PIN verification, and biometric scanners, as well as security cameras throughout.  All OSO-provided cabinets have locks.


The OSO-Secure generator can accommodate at least 125% of the data center load and is regularly tested. The 750 KVA generator has a 1500-gallon diesel fuel tank which can allow for 30-50 hours run time in the case of an emergency or outage.

Fire Suppression

The raised floor area where the servers are stored, the telecom room, and the electrical room are all protected by a clean agent system, ECARO 25. This system uses HFC125 as the clean fire suppressant. ECARO is environmentally friendly and is nonfatal to humans if discharged. If discharged, the agent will stay active for 13.8 minutes. The system discharges both above and below the floor.

OSO-Clear Fiber Ring

The OSO-Secure Data Center is connected to our OSO-Clear fiber ring, which allows up to a full Gig-E connectivity to the “Telco-Hotel” in downtown Albuquerque – a recognized aggregation point for many national, regional, and local carriers.


OSO-Secure power is multilayered with a dedicated power feed (1500KVa) from the Public Service Company of New Mexico to the data center floor. The UPS is designed in a fault-tolerant manner with a minimum run time of 15 minutes on a full load.

Managed Services (Technical and Engineering)

OSO Grande provides technical assistance for your servers, including: cycling power, console set-up, powering down a server or setting up a console for your servers.